mySwapp FAQS

  • What is mySwapp?

    mySwapp is a brand-new app that allows you to exchange your stuff with others locally for free! Learn more about us here.

  • How does it work?

    Simple! You just post an item then you can browse items from other people around you and request the one you like. Then, mySwapp allows you to arrange a date and a place for the swap to occur and you're done!

  • Is it free?

    Yes it's true, mySwapp is free! There is no cost to browse, post, or request swaps. After the first year of usage we'll charge you a measly 99 cents to continue using it, forever!

  • How can I be assured that the swap will be safe?

    While we can not guarantee a safe encounter, we put priority in safety and ensure that no names, emails, or phone numbers are exchanged and that the swaps only occur in public places. We encourage you to use common sense when meeting the other person and be weary of requests that ask you to meet at odd times.

  • What is shown on my home page?

    By default, mySwapp shows you items of all categories in your state, however you can go to the settings menu and change your preferences in terms of which state and what category.

  • Does mySwapp provide shipping support for long-distance swaps?

    As of right now, mySwapp is really centered around doing swaps locally.

  • Does the app have those annoying advertisements?

    We are committed to providing you the best user experience and therefore will never, ever have any ads on our apps. Period.